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At one-and-a-half acres in size, Bank Pool accommodates 26 match anglers, although there are 32 pleasure pegs, and has a uniform depth of six feet to ensure consistency of catching whether you draw on Bank, Moors or Meadow pools.
Like the other pools on site, Bank is surrounded by reeds to provide cover and here the record for a five hour match set at 222.06lbs on July 29th 2006 was smashed on 26th July 2014 with a staggering 263.08lbs taken from peg 09 again with a mixed bag of Carp, Roach and Bream taken on the pole.
During the 2014 match season over 400 weighed in over the ton and 25 over 200lbs.
Car parking is available behind pegs on two sides of this pool.

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