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The largest of the nine Moorlands waters, Meadow Pool is two acres in size and holds 60 pegs. It is six feet deep throughout and, like all the waters on site, contains 70 per cent Carp and 30 per cent silver fish.
Both Common and Mirror Carp average between 5lbs and 8lbs and several in double figures (largest fish recorded for 2014 was 19lbs 12ozs). The water also holds Bream to 5lbs; Tench and Perch to 3lbs; Chub, Crucian Carp and Roach to 2lbs; Rudd to 1½lbs; and Gudgeon.

To help competition anglers, a record of match results going back over the past fifteen years has been kept - and it makes impressive reading. The best catch for an evening match was set in July 2011 at 293lbs 12ozs. The best catch for a five hour match at Meadow Pool was 255lbs 12 ozs with several back-up weights all over the ton. During the 2014 season there were 350 competitive catches over the ton and 15 over 200lbs.
All Open Match records are available on the notice board in the Cafe.

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